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Numerical investigation of the repeatability and reproducibility in building acoustical measurements

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An extensive parametric study has been carried out with a wave based model to numerically investigate the fundamental repeatability and reproducibility in building acoustical measurements. In this paper, the sound transmission loss variability of single and double partitions is discussed. To achieve the desired repeatability, a reliable measurement procedure is important. Therefore, the influence of the number of microphone positions and the influence of the source position is investigated. The reproducibility of sound transmission loss measurements in different test facilities is studied by looking at the influence of geometrical parameters like room and plate dimensions. These results also illustrate the representativity of the low-frequent sound transmission loss of panels for the performance in situ. Furthermore, the effect on the uncertainty of singlenumber quantities by including low frequencies (50-80 Hz), as recently proposed in the revision of ISO 717, is discussed. © (2012) by the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven Department of Mechanical Engineering All rights reserved.
Book: Proceedings of ISMA 2012
Pages: 33 - 47
Publication year:2012
Authors from:Higher Education