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Nuclear structure with radioactive muonic atoms

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Muonic atoms have been used to extract the most accurate nuclear charge radii based on the detection of X-rays from the muonic cascades. Most stable and a few un- stable isotopes have been investigated with muonic atom spectroscopy techniques. A new research project recently started at the Paul Scherrer Institut aims to extend the high- resolution muonic atom spectroscopy for the precise determination of nuclear charge radii and other nuclear structure properties of radioactive isotopes. The challenge to combine the high-energy muon beam with small quantity of stopping mass is being addressed by developing the concept of stopping the muon in a high-density, a high-pressure hydrogen cell and subsequent transfer of the muon to the element of interest. Status and perspectives of the project will be presented.
Journal: EPJ Web of Conferences
ISSN: 2101-6275
Volume: 193
Publication year:2018