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A nexus of intrinsic dynamics underlies translocase priming

Journal Contribution - Journal Article

The cytoplasmic ATPase SecA and the membrane-embedded SecYEG channel assemble to form the Sec translocase. How this interaction primes and catalytically activates the translocase remains unclear. We show that priming exploits a nexus of intrinsic dynamics in SecA. Using atomistic simulations, smFRET, and HDX-MS, we reveal multiple dynamic islands that cross-talk with domain and quaternary motions. These dynamic elements are functionally important and conserved. Central to the nexus is a slender stem through which rotation of the preprotein clamp of SecA is biased by ATPase domain motions between open and closed clamping states. An H-bonded framework covering most of SecA enables multi-tier dynamics and conformational alterations with minimal energy input. As a result, cognate ligands select preexisting conformations and alter local dynamics to regulate catalytic activity and clamp motions. These events prime the translocase for high-affinity reception of non-folded preprotein clients. Dynamics nexuses are likely universal and essential in multi-liganded proteins.
Journal: Structure
ISSN: 0969-2126
Issue: 8
Volume: 29
Pages: 846 - +
Number of pages: 20
Publication year:2021
Keywords:Biochemistry/biophysics/molecular biology, Cell biology