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A new low cost, elastic and conformable electronics technology for soft and stretchable electronic devices by use of a stretchable substrate

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A growing need for ambient electronics in our daily life leads to higher demands from the user in the view of comfort of the electronic devices. Those devices should become invisible to the user, especially when they are embedded in clothes (e.g. in smart textiles). They should be soft, conformable and to a certain degree stretchable. Electronics for implantation on the other hand should ideally be soft and conformable in relation to the body tissue, in order to minimize the rejecting nature of the body to unknown implanted rigid objects. Conformable and elastic circuitry is an emerging topic in the electronics and packaging domain. In this contribution a new low cost, elastic and stretchable electronic device technology will be presented, based on the use of a stretchable substrate. The process steps used are standard PCB fabrication processes, resulting in a fast technology transfer to the industry. This new developed technology is based on the combination of rigid standard SMD components which are connected with 2-D spring-shaped metallic interconnections. Embedding is done by moulding the electronic device in a stretchable polymer. The reliability of the overall system is improved by varying the thickness of the embedding polymer, wherever the presence and type of components requires to. Manufacturability issues are discussed together with the need for good reliability of the stretchable interconnections when stress is applied during stretching.
Book: 2009 European Microelectronics and Packaging Conference (EMPC 2009), vols 1 and 2
Pages: 697 - 702