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Negotiating performance

Book Contribution - Chapter

Subtitle:the strategic responses of associations where people in poverty raise their voice
Situated in the Belgian city of Antwerp, this study examines a network of social service organizations known as 'associations where people in poverty lift up their voice." Using qualitative data from interviews and focus groups with agency coordinators, social workers, people in poverty who receive services, and representatives from the local government who fund the providers, this study offers important findings that depart from the conventional approach of acquiescence and might serve as a guide for other nonprofits that strive for negotiated performance assessment with their funders. They reveal a range of tactics used by social service providers in this process, including using the power of their own professional expertise not only as a form of control but also as a form of resistance and for promoting the values of a social service organization, especially the value of participatory practices and client inclusion.
Book: Performance and public value in the 'hollow state' : assessing government–nonprofit partnerships / LeRoux, K. [edit.]; Wright, N.S. [edit.]
Pages: 102 - 124
Publication year:2021
Keywords:H1 Book chapter