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Multi-Key Security: The Even-Mansour Construction Revisited

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© International Association for Cryptologic Research 2015. At ASIACRYPT 1991, Even and Mansour introduced a block cipher construction based on a single permutation. Their construction has since been lauded for its simplicity, yet also criticized for not providing the same security as other block ciphers against generic attacks. In this paper, we prove that if a small number of plaintexts are encrypted under multiple independent keys, the Even-Mansour construction surprisingly offers similar security as an ideal block cipher with the same block and key size. Note that this multi-key setting is of high practical relevance, as real-world implementations often allow frequent rekeying. We hope that the results in this paper will further encourage the use of the Even-Mansour construction, especially when a secure and efficient implementation of a key schedule would result in significant overhead.
Book: Lecture Notes in Computer Science
Pages: 209 - 223
Publication year:2015
Authors from:Government, Higher Education