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Movement and Experiences in Constructed Spaces, a Description of Spatial Experiences, Based on Movement

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The present paper reflects an on-going research project, consisting of practice-based experiments examining movement in relation to spatial situations. Specific attention is paid to the way movement relates to emotion and experience. In an earlier phase of this research project, it was established that two-dimensional alterations to a given space induce changes in spatial experience, which are reflected in the way a person moves in this space. In this phase, the influence of three-dimensional spatial interventions is examined, with a particular focus on the movements made by the various participants. Through observation, questioning and LMA (Laban Movement Analysis), we attempted to reach a fundamental understanding of the relationship between humans and space. Based on these observations, some initial reflections are formulated on the relationship between space, movement, emotion and experience. Also, with this procedure, the proposed method can be explored and fine-tuned.
Book: The Colors of Care, Proceedings of the 9th Design & Emotion Conference 2014
Pages: 429 - 434
Publication year:2014