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Molecular networks regulating cell division during Arabidopsis leaf growth

Journal Contribution - Review Article

Leaves are the primary organs for photosynthesis and as such have a pivotal role for plant growth and development. Leaf development is a multi-factorial and dynamic process involving many genes that regulate size, shape, and differentiation. The processes that mainly drive leaf development are cell proliferation and cell expansion, and numerous genes have been identified that, when ectopically expressed or down-regulated, increase cell number and/or cell size during leaf growth. Many of the genes regulating cell proliferation are functionally interconnected and can be grouped in regulatory modules. Here, we review our current understanding of six important gene regulatory modules affecting cell proliferation during Arabidopsis leaf growth: DA1-EOD1, GRF-GIF, SWI/SNF, GA-DELLA, KLU, and PEAPOD. Furthermore, we discuss how post-mitotic cell expansion and these six modules regulating cell proliferation make up final leaf size.
Journal: Journal of Experimental Botany
ISSN: 0022-0957
Issue: 8
Volume: 71
Pages: 2365 - 2378
Publication year:2020