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Molecular correlates of hypothalamic development in songbird ontogeny in comparison with the telencephalon

Journal Contribution - Journal Article

Development of the songbird brain provides an excellent experimental model for understanding the regulation of sex differences in ontogeny. Considering the regulatory role of the hypothalamus in endocrine, in particular reproductive, physiology, we measured the structural (volume) and molecular correlates of hypothalamic development during ontogeny of male and female zebra finches. We quantified by relative quantitative polymerase chain reaction (rqPCR) the expression of 14 genes related to thyroid and steroid hormones actions as well as 12 genes related to brain plasticity at four specific time points during ontogeny and compared these expression patterns with the expression of the same genes as detected by transcriptomics in the telencephalon. These two different methodological approaches detected specific changes with age and demonstrated that in a substantial number of cases changes observed in both brain regions are nearly identical. Other genes however had a tissue‐specific developmental pattern. Sex differences or interactions of sex by age were detected in the expression of a subset of genes, more in hypothalamus than telencephalon. These results correlate with multiple known aspects of the developmental and reproductive physiology but also raise a number of new functional questions.
Journal: The FASEB journal
ISSN: 0892-6638
Volume: 34
Pages: 4997 - 5015
Publication year:2020
Keywords:A1 Journal article