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Measurement-based analysis of specular and dense multipath components at 94GHz in an indoor environment

Journal Contribution - Journal Article

In this study, the authors present a measurement-based analysis of the indoor radio channel characteristics of both the specular and dense multipath components [specular part of the channel (SMC) and diffuse part of the channel] at 94GHz within a 3GHz bandwidth. On the basis of an investigation of the frequency stationarity of this band, they have selected multiple sub-bands to perform their evaluation. A method is developed that allowed for the estimation of the specular propagation paths, after which the remainder is regarded as the diffuse spectrum. Radio channel characteristics such as the path loss, root-mean-square delay spread, and the SMC ratio have been calculated as a function of transmitter-receiver distance, and in the different sub-bands. On the basis of the diffuse spectrum, the behaviour of the reverberation time is analysed for the first time in the 94GHz band.
ISSN: 1751-8733
Issue: 4
Volume: 12
Pages: 509 - 515
Publication year:2018