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Masterless Control of Parallel Modular Active front-end (AFE) Systems for Vehicles and Stationary Applications

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This paper proposes a masterless control strategy for parallel active front-end (AFE) systems for off-board electric vehicle (EV) charging and stationary applications.
The proposed solution enables high modularity in AC-DC power converters designated for EV charger systems, where the AFE modules can be separated and
recombined, enabling them to be more versatile, flexible and scalable. The presented AFE rectifier system consists of several self-sufficient modules with distributed control that can exchange data through CAN bus. The proposed system
has functions like dynamic resource allocation, automatic interleaving, circulating current control, accurate current sharing and demonstrates increased fault tolerance. In this paper, the main operating principle of the masterless
control of modular AFE rectifier systems is explained. Moreover, the performance of the AFE rectifier system supplying power to a 100kW off-board DC charger is
demonstrated by MATLAB Simulink with changing load, module failures and possible manufacturing flaws.
Book: 2020 15th International Conference on Ecological Vehicles and Renewable Energies, EVER 2020
Series: 2020 15th International Conference on Ecological Vehicles and Renewable Energies, EVER 2020
Pages: 1-6
Number of pages: 6
Keywords:Active front-end rectifier, EV charger, masterless control, parallel converters, CAN bus, Networked control systems stability
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  • DOI: https://doi.org/10.1109/ever48776.2020.9242540
  • Scopus Id: 85096723528