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Luigi di Verona of Louis Ferron als pornograaf

Journal Contribution - Journal Article

© 2016 by Spiegel der Letteren. All rights reserved. Before Louis Ferron made his debut as a novelist, he wrote two pornographic novels under a pen name. These were published by Peter J. Muller, editor of the adult magazine Candy. Even though Ferron claims to have written these novels, at least one of them, Genadeloze meesteres, appears to be a translation of an American pornographic pocketbook. Ferron's translation is quite literal, except for one alteration of the plot at the end of the novel. It seems that Ferron has written/translated these novels mainly for financial reasons. Yet when one considers the pseudonyms he uses and the way in which he alters the plot and the sex scenes of Genadeloze meesteres on the one hand and his literary oeuvre on the other, the effect of his pornographic writings on his posture and literary publications is undeniable.
Journal: Spiegel der Letteren
ISSN: 0038-7479
Issue: 3
Volume: 58
Pages: 405 - 421
Publication year:2016