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Low-lying collective excitations of superconductors and charged superfluids

Journal Contribution - Journal Article

We investigate theoretically the momentum-dependent frequency and damping of low-lying collective excitations of superconductors and charged superfluids in the BCS-BEC crossover regime. The study is based on the Gaussian pair-and-density fluctuation method for the propagator of Gaussian fluctuations of the pair and density fields. Eigenfrequencies and damping rates are determined in a mutually consistent nonperturbative way as complex poles of the fluctuation propagator. Particular attention is paid to new features with respect to preceding theoretical studies, which were devoted to collective excitations of superconductors in the far BCS regime. We find that at a sufficiently strong coupling, new branches of collective excitations appear, which manifest different behavior as functions of the momentum and the temperature.
Journal: Condensed Matter
ISSN: 2410-3896
Volume: 8
Pages: 1 - 12
Publication year:2023
Keywords:A1 Journal article