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Local administrative strength in spatial policy: role and monitoring of administrative capacity aspect

Book - Report

The relationship of the Flemish Government towards the local authorities changes from a hierarchical to a more equal one, within a broader policy network. Within this renewed interadministrative constellation, Ruimte Vlaanderen wants to ensure the strengthening of local authorities in the field of spatial policy, in function of the good cooperation between the different policy levels as equal and reliable partners based on a real subsidiarity. (Flemish Spatial Planning Department, 2012)A monitor on administrative power with regard to spatial policy is seen as an instrument to help shape the strengthening of the administrative power of the local authorities. It is considered as a diagnostic instrument for self-reflection for the local authorities and can be used as a starting point for consultation and discussion on strengthening the administrative power of local authorities. The development of this monitor takes place via two complementary research tracks. A first research track concretises the instrument on the basis of relevant indicators for the administrative power of the local authorities with regard to spatial planning. The first research track is the subject of this study, the second research track was investigated in a parallel study assignment (Voets, Coppens, Sterkens, De Peuter, & Van Dooren, 2014). Both studies together ensure on the one hand the elaboration of an effective instrument and on the other hand sufficient knowledge to use this instrument in a constructive way within the supporting mission of Ruimte Vlaanderen towards the local authorities.
Number of pages: 71
Publication year:2014