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Lipid metabolism in cancer: New perspectives and emerging mechanisms

Journal Contribution - Journal Article

Tumors undergo metabolic transformations to sustain uncontrolled proliferation, avoid cell death, and seed in secondary organs. An increased focus on cancer lipid metabolism has unveiled a number of mechanisms that promote tumor growth and survival, many of which are independent of classical cellular bioenergetics. These mechanisms include modulation of ferroptotic-mediated cell death, support during tumor metastasis, and interactions with the cells of the tumor microenvironment. As such, targeting lipid metabolism for anti-cancer therapies is attractive, with recent work on small-molecule inhibitors identifying compounds to target lipid metabolism. Here, we discuss these topics and identify open questions.
Journal: Developmental Cell
ISSN: 1534-5807
Issue: 10
Volume: 56
Pages: 1363 - 1393
Number of pages: 31
Publication year:2021
Keywords:Cell biology, Genetics & developmental biology