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Learning from the ‘RE-PUBLIC Workshop’: Remaking the Public Space as a Medium of Knowledge Transfer in Design Education

Journal Contribution - Journal Article

This paper presents the outcome of ‘The RE-PUBLIC Workshop: Remaking the Public Space’, which took place in Istanbul as part of European Union Life Long Learning Erasmus Intensive Programme 2014. It focused on complex and diversified layers of public space within the context of the place-making logic. Istanbul’s Taksim region including the Taksim Square, Gezi Park and Istiklal Street acted as the core problem area with its disintegrated and segregated physical and cultural territorial borders. The participants were invited to develop their own understanding of public space and jointly produce their own place-making strategies on possible alternatives for the process of planning, designing and implementing change in public spaces in accordance to their scope, use and meaning. As a result, the RE-PUBLIC Workshop tested a number of innovative research and planning methods to improve teaching in planning and design studies. A major impact was expected from the cross-country approach and joint-learning. It is hoped that the experience of RE-PUBLIC Workshop will provide a critical medium of knowledge transfer in design education.
Journal: ITU Journal of the Faculty of Architecture
ISSN: 1302-8324
Issue: 3
Volume: 14
Pages: 143 - 163
Publication year:2017