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Learning to participate

Book - Report

Subtitle:Learning from participatory processes in spatial planning
Each participatory process makes you more skilled in guiding, setting up and designing participation processes. In order to stimulate participation in spatial processes, the Department of Environment would like to share its practical knowledge with colleagues and other spatial professionals. This is not obvious, as it is often a matter of customisation. Yet, in practice, you often encounter similar situations within the processes. Think of moments of speech confusion, the absence of groups, dormant power relations, lack of spatial knowledge, etc.

Together with Hasselt University, the Department of Environment went in search of typical situations that occur within our own spatial planning processes. Five cases of the Department of Environment were analysed and compared with international examples. By means of interactive sessions, a methodology was developed that makes it possible to analyse and improve existing projects and with which new participatory processes can be shaped.

The report can be seen as a workbook, which consists of three parts:
1. A catalogue with inspiring examples for the planning of participation processes.
2. A practical guide to how to work with the methodology when planning processes.
3. The theoretical basis and scientific reflection.

The workbook is useful in the first instance for colleagues from the Department of the Environment who are involved in concrete spatial processes, but can also be used by local authorities or planning professionals.
Number of pages: 249
Publication year:2017