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Lattice sites of ion-implanted Mn, Fe and Ni in 6H-SiC

Journal Contribution - Journal Article

© 2017 IOP Publishing Ltd. Using radioactive isotopes produced at the CERN-ISOLDE facility, the lattice location of the implanted transition metal (TM) ions 56Mn, 59Fe and 65Ni in n-type single-crystalline hexagonal 6H-SiC was studied by means of the emission channeling technique. TM probes on carbon coordinated tetrahedral interstitial sites (T C) and on substitutional silicon sites (S Si,h+k) were identified. We tested for but found no indication that the TM distribution on S Si sites deviates from the statistical mixture of 1/3 hexagonal and 2/3 cubic sites present in the 6H crystal. The TM atoms partially disappear from T C positions during annealing at temperatures between 500 °C and 700 °C which is accompanied by an increase on S Si and random sites. From the temperature associated with these site changes, interstitial migration energies of 1.7-2.7 eV for Mn and Ni, and 2.3-3.2 eV for Fe were estimated. TM lattice locations are compared to previous results obtained in 3C-SiC using the same technique.
Journal: Semiconductor Science and Technology
ISSN: 0268-1242
Issue: 1
Volume: 33
Number of pages: 10
Publication year:2017
Keywords:Materials science, Electrical & electronic engineering, Physics of solids, fluids and plasmas