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Language attitudes and L2 pronunciation: An experimental study with Flemish adolescent learners of English

Journal Contribution - Journal Article

Since pronunciation serves as a vehicle for both intelligibility and identity, exploring learners’ attitudes towards different accent varieties can allow both pedagogical and sociolinguistic insights into second language acquisition. This study investigates the attitudes of Flemish secondary school students towards RP and General American and the relation between these attitudes and the students’ actual pronunciation in English. Participants rated British and American accents in a verbal guise experiment, and speech recordings provided a sample of respondents’ own pronunciation. Results diverged from previous findings: while participants had more positive attitudes towards RP, they spoke with a higher proportion of GA phonological features. Almost half of the participants did not aim to speak with either a British or an American accent.
Journal: English Text Construction
ISSN: 1874-8767
Issue: 2
Volume: 13
Pages: 178-211
Keywords:language attitudes, L2 pronunciation, phonology, second language acquisition, English lingua franca