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La dislocazione a destra in italiano: aspetti della variazione

Book Contribution - Chapter

This paper deals with two variational aspects of the clitic right dislocation in spoken Italian. The paper is based on the results of previous analyses carried out on dialogues produced by Italian speakers. The dialogues are elicited using the U+201Cmap taskU+201D and the U+201Cspot the differenceU+201D methods. The first issue addressed in this paper concerns the geographical diffusion of the right dislocation, while the second deals with the intonation of this construction. There is evidence that both the diatopic distribution and the intonation of the construction are not entirely uniform : on the one hand, the construction is not equally widespread in all the varieties that have been examined ; on the other hand, it can be realized with different intonational patterns. From the diatopic point of view, the construction is significantly more frequent in Florentine than in Milanese Italian. The prosodic variation can instead be related to the modality of the utterance.
Book: La variation et le changement en langue (langues romanes)
Series: Mémoires de la Société Néopholologique
Pages: 193 - 206
Publication year:2013