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Investigating the influence of pigmentation on the electrolyte transport properties of organic coatings using ORP-EIS

Journal Contribution - Journal Article

In this work, the correlation between electrolyte transport properties and the variation of pigment volume concentration (PVC) in a series of organic coatings is explored. Using an odd random phase electrochemical impedance spectroscopy (ORP-EIS) approach, the diffusion of ions independent from water take-up is analysed. A higher PVC resulted in a more homogeneous coating morphology, which could be associated with a faster diffusion of ions following a Fickian regime and enhanced water uptake. In the case of lower pigment loading, the obtained heterogenous morphology of the coating introduced new challenges to the physical interpretation of the proposed electrochemical equivalent circuit.

Journal: Corros Sci
ISSN: 0010-938X
Volume: 227
Publication year:2024
Keywords:GDOES, Ion diffusion, Organic coating, ORP-EIS, Water uptake