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Introducing 'navigating failure in ethnography' : a forum about failure in ethnographic research

Journal Contribution - Review Article

Purpose The authors introduce a recurrent section for the Journal of Organizational Ethnography which scrutinizes the various manifestations and roles of failure in ethnographic research.Design/methodology/approachThe authors peruse a wide body of literature which tackles the role of failure in ethnographic research and draw on the experiences to argue for a more sustained and in-depth conversation on the topic.Findings "Failure " regularly occurs in ethnographic research, yet remains under-examined. Increased discussion on the topic will enrich debates on methodology and fieldwork in particular.Originality/value While various scholars have commented on the role of "failure " in ethnographic research, an in-depth and sustained examination of the topic is lacking.
ISSN: 2046-6757
Issue: 1
Volume: 12
Pages: 61 - 75
Publication year:2023