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Interrogating urban projections in audio-visual ‘smart city’ narratives

Journal Contribution - Journal Article

Heeding calls to broaden the scope of smart city discourse analysis to include visual representations and building on Regina Queiroz's notion of “publicity without a public”, this article scrutinizes audio-visual smart city narratives from an actually existing (aspiring) smart city. A meticulous analysis of the interplay of different expressive modes within those narratives is followed by a contextual analysis and discussion with a view to reconstructing underlying notions of sustainability and security as key aspects of increasing claims to citizen-centred smart urbanism. The results provide concrete illustrations of the maxim of “pursuing neoliberal goals by letting people think (wrongly) that other legitimate goals are being pursued”.
Journal: Cities
ISSN: 0264-2751
Volume: 100
Pages: 1 - 11
Publication year:2020