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The Interdependence of Issues Relating to Universality, Costs and Proliferation of Human Rights

Book Contribution - Chapter

This volume focuses on three main themes that are interdependent: the universality, the proliferation and the costs of human rights. This introductory chapter frames these themes in the context of their theoretical background and explains why they have been chosen as focus of the book. Subsequently, it brings together the essential findings of the chapters of this volume, focusing on the interdependence between the three main themes. It concludes that the question to ask may not be whether we can still afford human rights, but whether we can afford not to invest in human rights. As the answer to that question is negative, we should devote our energy to resolving how we can best respect, fulfil and promote human rights. Addressing the interdependence between universality, proliferation and costs ultimately contributes to a renewed commitment to human rights.
Book: Can We Still Afford Human Rights? Critical Reflections on Universality, Proliferation and Costs
Pages: 2 - 25
ISBN:978 1 83910 031 4
Publication year:2020