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Integration of oneM2M in Inter-IoT’s platform of platforms

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A major goal of the H2020 Inter-IoT project is
to provide a framework for seamless integration of different
Internet of Things (IoT) platforms. To allow the Inter-IoT user to
interact with those platforms, which feature their own syntax and
Application Programming Interfaces (APIs), so called bridges
are designed and implemented. For ensuring interoperability,
semantics play a key role. The ontologies used by the different
platforms need to be aligned with a central ontology. We present
the features supported by Inter-IoT’s Inter-MiddleWare layer
and discuss the operation of a bridge towards a oneM2M based
Book: 25th IEEE International Symposium on Local and Metropolitan Area Networks, LANMAN 2019
Series: IEEE Workshop on Local and Metropolitan Area Networks
Pages: 1-2
Number of pages: 2
Publication year:2019
Keywords:Interoperability, Internet of Things, oneM2M