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Integration of highly crystalline C8-BTBT thin-films into simple logic gates and circuits

Journal Contribution - Journal Article

© 2019 Highly crystalline organic thin films possess the charge carrier mobilities needed for high-performance, low-cost flexible electronics. However, only few reports exist that show the integration of these films into short-channel organic circuits. This work describes the integration of highly crystalline layers of the thermally and chemically fragile small molecule C 8 -BTBT. Thin films of this material are processed by a combination of zone-casting and homoepitaxial vacuum evaporation and display an average charge carrier mobility of 7.5 cm 2 /V in long channel transistors. The integration of these films into a circuit technology based on a 5 μm channel-length bottom-gate bottom-contact transistor topology results in inverters with gains up to 40 as well as a robust 19-stage ring oscillator. This circuit requires the simultaneous operation of 80 TFTs and displays a stage delay of 40 μs, resulting in an operating frequency of 630 Hz at an operating voltage of 10 V. With the help of circuit modelling, we quantify the relationship between the speed of ring oscillators and the contact resistance of individual transistors. Indeed, the successful integration of highly-crystalline layers with high intrinsic mobility stresses the need for advances in contact engineering.
Journal: Organic Electronics
ISSN: 1566-1199
Volume: 67
Pages: 64 - 71
Number of pages: 8
Publication year:2019
Keywords:Materials science, Applied physics