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Insubordination and lectal variation

Journal Contribution - e-publication

Subtitle:egographic and discursive variation of subjunctive complement constructions in Spanish
This study aims to document the variation of a minor imperative construction in five varieties of Spanish and four discursive genres, and to represent this variation by proposing a constructional network that recognizes different degrees of abstraction in the form of schemas and subschemas. Our data comes from five varieties of Spanish (Argentinian, Caribbean, Chilean, Mexican and Peninsular) and four different genres: two spoken (conversations and interviews) and two written (novels and news reports). The results show that this minor imperative construction is tightly associated with spontaneous conversation and particularly with the Peninsular variety. In addition, not all specific usage types/subschemas are evenly distributed across varieties, as some of them seem to be almost exclusively found in Spain. We argue that some of these differences may be motivated by the opposition between distancing cultures and rapprochement cultures.
Journal: Ampersand
ISSN: 2215-0390
Volume: 9
Publication year:2022
Keywords:A1 Journal article