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Innovative work behaviour and performance-related pay: rewarding the individual or the collective?

Journal Contribution - Journal Article

© 2016 Informa UK Limited, trading as Taylor & Francis Group In order to change employee behaviour, companies frequently turn to forms of performance-related pay (PRP). At the same time, there is a clear imperative to encourage employee innovation. In this study we focus on the relation between PRP, organizational and job-level task resources and innovative work behaviour (IWB). In doing so, we distinguish between individual and collective PRP and build on insights from high-performance work systems and employee creativity literature. Using survey data of 927 employees from five Belgian industries, we find that individual PRP weakens the important positive relation of task-level job resources like learning opportunities on IWB. The combination of both individual and collective PRP, on the contrary, strengthens the positive relationship between organizational resources like upward communication and IWB.
Journal: International Journal of Human Resource Management
ISSN: 0958-5192
Issue: 12
Volume: 29
Pages: 1900 - 1919
Publication year:2018