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Indirect 3D printed electrode mixers

Journal Contribution - Journal Article

Electrode mixers are ordered 3D flow‐through structures with mixing properties that at the same time act as electrode. Because of their mixing properties, these structures enhance mass transfer at the electrode surface, increasing the limiting‐current plateau. Typically operating at this plateau, the productivity of electrochemical reactors is limited by the mass transport of the reagents. This work presents the fabrication of all‐metal electrode mixers through an indirect 3D printing method. Whereas other techniques suffer from design limitations or come with high capital cost, the proposed rapid prototyping method overcomes these limitations. Using this method, a helical and cubic electrode mixer were fabricated and their mass transfer properties were characterized and compared to a flat electrode by the limiting current method. Increasing the mass transfer up to 47 % the standard flat electrode is outperformed, demonstrating the valorization potential of electrode mixers and the indirect 3D printing method.
Journal: ChemElectroChem
Volume: 6
Pages: 378 - 382
Publication year:2019
Keywords:Physical chemistry