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On the importance of time-resolved electrochemical evaluation in corrosion inhibitor-screening studies

Journal Contribution - Journal Article

Efficiency of corrosion inhibitors in aqueous solutions depends on several interfacial parameters, which may vary over time.
Therefore, reliable electrochemical techniques are demanded for screening the efficiency of corrosion inhibitors and monitoring
their performance over time. Here, we evaluate corrosion inhibition efficiency of imidazole-based compounds on bare Cu surfaces
and highlight the importance of electrochemical evaluation of the inhibitor over time, characterized by linear polarization
resistance techniques as a reliable, instantaneous and non-invasive method for assessing intrinsic inhibitor performance in lab
screening studies.
Journal: npj Materials Degradation
ISSN: 2397-2106
Issue: 1
Volume: 4
Pages: 1-4
Publication year:2020