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Identification of imprecision in data using ε-contamination advanced uncertainty model

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One of the importance of the contamination uncertainty model is to consider in-determinism in the uncertainty. We consider this advanced property and develop two methods. These methods identify if there is imprecision in a given model or data. In the first approach, we build two different---a probability distribution and an interval---models for a test function f via given data/model. Then, we identify the level of imprecision by assessing, so-called model trust, {\$}{\$}{\backslash}epsilon {\backslash}in (0,1){\$}{\$}ϵ∈(0,1)in the contamination model whether the weight is higher for the probabilistic/interval model or not. In the second approach, we calculate the lowest and highest previsions for the test function and identify the imprecision interval out of them. We further discuss and show the idea via two simple production and clutch design problems to illustrate our novel results.
Book: Proceedings of the 4th ICUME
Pages: 157 - 172
Number of pages: 16