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Hybridization of Oxalis corniculata and O. dillenii in their non-native range

Journal Contribution - Journal Article

Many species have been introduced beyond their native ranges and many have become global weeds. Human mediated dispersal has removed the geographic isolation of these species, reversing millions of years of independent evolution. Examples are the Oxalis species in section Corniculatae where several species have become invasive. Here we characterize and formally describe a hybrid between O. dillenii and O. corniculata, which occurs spontaneously in Belgium and Japan. Oxalis corniculata is probably native to Japan, but both species are alien to Belgium and O. dillenii is native to North America. We formally name this hybrid as Oxalis × vanaelstii. Although this hybrid is sterile, it is nevertheless vigorous and perennial. Both parent species grow as weeds in gardens; therefore, it is likely to be more common than currently appreciated in countries where these species co-occur.

Journal: PhytoKeys
ISSN: 1314-2003
Volume: 178
Pages: 17-30
Number of pages: 14
Publication year:2021