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Human movement in Public spaces: The use and development of motion-oriented design strategies

Journal Contribution - Journal Article

This ongoing doctoral project focuses on human movement in public space and how qualitative observation can lead to new insights into the architectural design process. With this study we endeavour to find a method to visualize human motion in relation to architecture so it can be communicated in an efficient manner. Moreover we explore how motion-oriented design strategies can be developed.Through a literature review, this paper will look to the significance of human movement within the field of architecture and especially within outdoor, public spaces. Movement is conceived as a basic element, which makes it possible to experience our build environment and thus forms a key element in relation between man and architecture. Furthermore we will look to a range of existing types of movement notation throughout history.This practice-based research project makes use of experiential learning methods. We will discuss a trajectory that was followed to set up some first spatial interventions and how these may lead to motion-orientated design strategies. Finally the outcome of these first test cases will be elaborated and evaluated leading us to new insights for further experiments.
Journal: Design Journal
ISSN: 1460-6925
Volume: 20
Pages: S3252 - S3261
Number of pages: 10
Publication year:2017