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How size and relative contrast can improve specular highlight detection

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Since specular highlights detection (SHD) is an important part of the LDR (low dynamic range) to HDR (high dynamic range) conversion pipeline, we propose two novel features for improving this detection for cinematic imagery. First, we introduce a feature that relates the size of the region covered with the potential specular highlight, relatively to the size of the objects in the surrounding area. This feature facilitates the analysis of complex scene arrangements by exploiting the observation that specular highlights make up a small area of a reflecting (Lambertian) surface in everyday objects. Secondly, we introduce a feature that expresses the relative contrast of the potential specular highlights within its local context. This allows detection of specular highlights that are not necessarily the absolute brightest parts of a scene. Qualitative and quantitative evaluation, by using a simple framework for SHD, demonstrate that these features are advantageous in SHD and can be used to improve this detection for cinematic content.
Book: 2018 14th International conference on signal-image technology and internet-based systems (SITIS)
Pages: 258 - 265
Publication year:2018