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Hospitals’ decision-making regarding infrastructural adaptations in response to Covid-19

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During the first months of the Covid-19 pandemic, crisis management and fast decision-making regarding infrastructural adaptations were key as hospitals faced major challenges while attempting to ensure optimal care. This study aims to gain insight into decision-making processes regarding infrastructural adaptations. Interviews were conducted (in July 2020) with representatives of technical services, facilities and planning departments in six general hospitals in Flanders (Belgium). Interviewees illustrated changes made with building plans, photos and other supportive material. Based on the collected data we identify four main factors affecting decision-making about infrastructural adaptations: enforced measures, demand and supply ‘on the ground’, knowledge acquired over time, and stakeholders’ identities. Whereas the initial approach was predominantly top-down, insights gained into the type of cross-departmental collaboration that was necessary and possible during the Covid-19 crisis may also have value under more regular circumstances to swivel between top-down requirements and design contexts ‘on the ground’.
Book: Design Culture(s) - Proceedings of Cumulus Roma
Pages: 2289 - 2301
Publication year:2021