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Homing Displacements. Socio-Spatial Identities in Contemporary Urban Palestine

Book Contribution - Chapter

Since 1948 the everyday of Palestinians is affected by manifold forms of migration. Experiences of displacement are so endemic to have become a relevant part of the Palestinian identity as a nation. However, the diversity of such experiences contributes to fragment Palestinian society into quite distinct communities and (sub)cultures.While a large scholarship recognises the importance of displacement within the contemporary Palestinian nationhood, it struggles to achieve the plurality of identities that composes today’s Palestinian society, particularly missing out the input from migration dynamics that are not immediately ascribed to the Israeli occupation.Taking the case of the southern suburbs of Ramallah/Al-Bireh, this chapter endeavours to substantiate some of the different identities coexisting in the urban West Bank today. Identity is explored in everyday spaces and practices, delving into the interplay of historical, political, social, economic and spatial dynamics that underlie the existence of specific socio-spatial realities.
Book: Making Home(s) in DisplacementCritical Reflections on a Spatial Practice
Pages: 239 - 264
Number of pages: 25
Publication year:2022