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Health research and knowledge translation for achieving the sustainable development goals: tackling the hurdles

Journal Contribution - Journal Article

We are far from reaching the sustainable development goals (SDGs) for health despite a wealth of novel insights in disease mechanisms and possible solutions. Why have we failed in knowledge translation and implementation? Starting from the case of cardiovascular diseases as one of the most prevalent non-communicable diseases, we examine barriers and hurdles, and perspectives for future health research. Health has multiple links with other SDGs. To accelerate the progress towards a healthy society, health research needs to take a broader view and become more cross-disciplinary and cross-sectoral. As one example, behavioural studies will underpin better prevention and treatment adherence. The next generation workforce in health and research needs an adapted education and training to implement more effective health approaches. As well, only effective dialogue and communication between researchers, practitioners, society and policymakers can lead to translation of evidence into policies, addressing the complexity of socioeconomic factors and commercial interests. Within Europe, health research needs a comprehensive vision and strategy that connects to achieving better health, as one of the interconnected SDGs.
Journal: European Journal of Public Health
ISSN: 1101-1262
Issue: Suppl_1
Volume: 30
Pages: 36 - 40
Number of pages: 5
Publication year:2020