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A guide to benchmarking COVIDU+201019 performance data

Journal Contribution - Journal Article

If the COVIDU+201019 pandemic has already taught us anything, it is that policymakers, experts and public managers need to be capable of interpreting comparative data on their government's performance in a meaningful way. Simultaneously, they are confronted with different data sources (and measurements) surrounding COVIDU+201019 without necessarily having the tools to assess these sources strategically . Due to the speed with which decisions are required and the different data sources, it can be challenging for any policymaker, expert or public manager to make sense of how COVIDU+201019 has an impact, especially from a comparative perspective. Starting from the question U+201CHow can we benchmark COVIDU+201019 performance data across countries?U+201D, this article presents important indicators, measurements, and their strengths and weaknesses, and concludes with practical recommendations. These include a focus on measurement equivalence, systems thinking, spatial and temporal thinking, multilevel governance and multimethod designs.
Journal: Public Administration Review
ISSN: 0033-3352
Issue: 4
Volume: 80
Pages: 696 - 700
Publication year:2020