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Gorlin-Goltz syndrome in a child: case report and clinical review

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Gorlin-Goltz syndrome is a rare autosomal dominant disorder that involves multiple organ systems, including the skin, skeleton and jaws. We report the case of a mild mentally retarded 7-year-old boy who was referred with a swelling of his left mandible. Imaging studies showed a unilocular well-defined lytic mandibular lesion, calcifications of the falx, bifid ribs and fusion anomalies of the ribs. The mandibular lesion was treated with surgical decompression and proved to represent a keratocyst on histological examination. Further clinical examination revealed cutaneous lesions, Sprengel deformity, pectus excavatum and facial dysmorphism. Based on the combination of imaging and clinical findings the diagnosis of Gorlin-Goltz syndrome was made. This was confirmed by genetic tests. During three-year follow-up the boy presented with recurrent and multiple odontogenic keratocysts. The occurrence of multiple and recurrent keratocysts at young age, should alert the radiologist to the potential diagnosis of an underlying Gorlin-Goltz syndrome. This paper reviews the imaging findings in Gorlin-Goltz syndrome, with emphasis on maxillofacial imaging.
Journal: JBR-BTR
ISSN: 1780-2393
Volume: 91
Pages: 235 - 239
Publication year:2008
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CSS-citation score:1
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