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GOLVEN peptide signalling through RGI receptors and MPK6 restricts asymmetric cell division during lateral root initiation

Journal Contribution - Journal Article

During lateral root initiation, lateral root founder cells undergo asymmetric cell divisions that generate daughter cells with different sizes and fates, a prerequisite for correct primordium organogenesis. An excess of the GLV6/RGF8 peptide disrupts these initial asymmetric cell divisions, resulting in more symmetric divisions and the failure to achieve lateral root organogenesis. Here, we show that loss-of-function GLV6 and its homologue GLV10 increase asymmetric cell divisions during lateral root initiation, and we identified three members of the RGF1 INSENSITIVE/RGF1 receptor subfamily as likely GLV receptors in this process. Through a suppressor screen, we found that MITOGEN-ACTIVATED PROTEIN KINASE6 is a downstream regulator of the GLV pathway. Our data indicate that GLV6 and GLV10 act as inhibitors of asymmetric cell divisions and signal through RGF1 INSENSITIVE receptors and MITOGEN-ACTIVATED PROTEIN KINASE6 to restrict the number of initial asymmetric cell divisions that take place during lateral root initiation.The authors demonstrate the negative role of GOLVEN peptides during lateral root initiation in Arabidopsis, at the very early stage of the first asymmetric cell division of lateral root founder cells, and identify the receptors for these peptides.
ISSN: 2055-0278
Issue: 5
Volume: 6
Pages: 533 - 543
Publication year:2020