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Gate Drivers Techniques and Solutions for GaN HEMTs in High Frequency Applications

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With the growth of GaN HEMTs applications in power electronic commercial markets, higher frequency operation became possible allowing different advantages with regards to downsizing of passive components in power converters. High switching and heat performance makes GaN HEMTs a better solution for high power applications. This technology is different from that of conventional Si devices, raising several new challenges to the power converter design procedures. For instance, the effect of the fast transient operation of GaN HEMTs on the operation magnetic components has not been completely understood yet. Consequently, it is important to start analyzing how GaN semiconductors are driven, despite the few gate drivers designed to drive GaN HEMTs. This paper analyzes and summarizes the driving techniques and solutions of E-mode GaN HEMTs and their gate drivers. The commercially available products are reviewed. Simulation of E-modes GaN HEMT switching performance is performed and discussed.
Book: 2020 IEEE 29th International Symposium on Industrial Electronics (ISIE)
Pages: 712 - 716
Publication year:2020