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FRF Measurements Subject to Missing Data: Quantification of Noise, Nonlinear Distortion, and Time-Varying Effects

Journal Contribution - Journal Article

Quantifying the level of nonlinear distortions and time-varying effects in frequency response function measurements is a first step toward the selection of an appropriate parametric model structure. In this paper, we tackle this problem in the presence of missing data, which is an important issue in large-scale low-cost wireless sensor networks. The proposed method is based on one experiment with a special class of periodic excitation signals.
Journal: IEEE Transactions on Instrumentation and Measurement
ISSN: 0018-9456
Issue: 10
Volume: 68
Pages:  4175-4187
Publication year:2019
Keywords:Frequency response function (FRF), nonlinear distortion,, nonparametric estimates, random phase multisine, ime-varying FRF (TV-FRF), Time-varying systems, Linear systems, Estimation, time-varying systems., time-varying FRF (TV-FRF), nonlinear distortion, Nonlinear distortion, Biomedical measurement, Frequency response, Distortion measurement