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Freedom as praxis: a comparative analysis of August Cieszkowski and Nikolaj Berdjaev

Journal Contribution - Journal Article

This essay attempts to elaborate a first thorough comparative analysis of August Cieszkowski and Nikolaj Berdjaev. Although the latter is well known as one of the most important Russian philosophers, the former is hardly known beyond the Polish borders. This general lack of recognition contrasts with the fact that Cieszkowski played a significant role in nineteenth century philosophy in Germany, France, Poland and Russia. A comparative analysis of Cieszkowski and Berdjaev will undergird the idea that Cieszkowski was not merely a U+2018marginalU+2019 figure in the history of philosophy. This essay has sought the reasons why Berdjaev considered himself to a large extent as a disciple of Cieszkowski. The stress is put on the central aspects of both philosophersU+2019 thinking: freedom, praxis and the way they relate to morality in general.
ISSN: 0925-9392
Issue: 1
Volume: 62
Pages: 109 - 123
Publication year:2010