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Fracture monitoring by acoustic emission: recent applications of parameter-based characterization

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The present paper describes a collection of fracture monitoring cases in different materials. The cases
examined include bending of textile reinforced cement (TRC), hybrid concrete-TRC lightweight
beams, granite, additive manufacturing metal components, combined loading of human femur bone
and pull-out in reinforced concrete. In all cases the basic role is played by acoustic emission (AE). It
is shown that certain waveform parameters exhibit strong sensitivity to the rate of fracture as well as
the dominant fracture mode. Parameters like frequency content and the duration of the signals supply
real time trends that in the present cases are verified by optical techniques. It is concluded that AE
supplies important information and allows the prediction of how the material will behave based on
the initial AE recordings and before serious damage is inflicted. AE shows a very broad application
range; however, the contribution of combination with other techniques is highlighted in order to
increase the reliability of the interpretation of AE results.
Book: The 9th International Conference on Fracture Mechanics of Concrete Structures; Berkeley; United States
Pages: 136
Number of pages: 12
Publication year:2016