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Flexural impact response of textile reinforced inorganic phosphate cement composites (TRC)

Journal Contribution - Journal Article

This work presents the characterisation of the local low velocity impact behaviour of a high-performance fibre reinforced cementitious composite (HPFRCC) made of phosphate cement and different types of E-glass textile reinforcements. The so called ‘‘energy profiling method” that was used for quantitative characterisation is adopted from Liu et al. (2004) who introduced this methodology on polymer matrix composites (PMC). A series of plates reinforced with chopped strand E-glass fibre mats (fibre volume fraction of 24%) was impacted during drop weight tests, showing that this methodology is as well applicable to textile reinforced cementitious composites. Further, the effects of impactor size and plate thickness
were investigated experimentally, and finally the obtained results were compared to literature data for polymer matrix composites.
Journal: Construction and Building Materials
ISSN: 0950-0618
Volume: 163
Pages: 296-304
Number of pages: 9
Publication year:2018
Keywords:Cement composites, Glass fibres, High performance, Impact behaviour, Textile reinforced cement, TRC, Materials science, General & traditional engineering