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Flexible optimal design of a bracing system for façade design using multiobjective genetic algorithms

Journal Contribution - Journal Article

X-bracing systems are widely applied in structural design to limit deflections and guarantee stability. Efficient distribution of bracing over a structure is an important concern and often based on intuition and previous experience. This paper presents a topology optimization procedure for cable bracing of the hanging steel façade of a new museum in the United States. In this procedure the use of a multiobjective Genetic Algorithm allows for flexibility during design modifications and accounts for uncertainty of deflection constraint values. The presented method achieves practical solutions to a series of cost minimizing problems, giving the designer a range of optimal bracing configurations which can be selected in response to the continuously changing structural and architectural requirements throughout the design process.
Journal: Automation in Construction
ISSN: 0926-5805
Issue: 32
Pages: 80-87
Number of pages: 8
Publication year:2013
Keywords:Façade bracing design, Multiobjective optimization, Topology optimization, Genetic Algorithms, Structural optimization, Steel braced systems