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First assessment of bird diversity in the UNESCO Sheka Forest Biosphere Reserve, southwestern Ethiopia : species richness, distribution and potential for avian conservation

Journal Contribution - Journal Article

The Sheka Zone in southwestern Ethiopia is covered by some of the largest remaining forests in the Eastern Afromontane biodiversity hotspot.  Owing to the rich biodiversity and a high degree of endemism, it was declared as a biosphere reserve by UNESCO in 2012 and is considered a Key Biodiversity Area.  Detailed knowledge on species diversity and distribution in the reserve is, however, severely limited.  From February to April 2016, an assessment of the bird diversity and distribution in the reserve was made for the first time through point count transects, camera-trap recordings and opportunistic observations.  In total, 244 bird species were identified, of which 19% was only found within the reserveU+2019s designated protected zones.  Our study indicates a remarkable bird species richness across the different habitats in Sheka Forest Biosphere Reserve and can be used as a baseline for future monitoring studies and conservation planning.
Journal: Journal of Threatened Taxa
ISSN: 0974-7907
Issue: 7
Volume: 11
Pages: 13850 - 13867
Publication year:2019