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Financial geography II: Financial geographies of housing and real estate

Journal Contribution - Journal Article

© The Author(s) 2018. Geographers have started studying residential (housing) and commercial real estate (offices, retail, leisure) at the intersection of financial and urban geographies to understand how the built environment – chunky and spatially fixed – has been turned into a (quasi-)financial asset – ‘unitized’ and liquid – through a range of regulatory and socio-technical changes and constructions. The financialization of real estate is not limited to the rise in household debt, mortgage securitization and international investment in office markets, but increasingly also affects rental housing: private equity, hedge funds and REITs buy up large portfolios of social and private rented housing, while housing associations use derivatives and other financial instruments. This report surveys the most recent research on finance, real estate and housing.
Journal: Progress in Human Geography
ISSN: 0309-1325
Issue: 2
Volume: 43
Pages: 376 - 387
Publication year:2018