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Fast multipole BEM modeling of head releated transfer functions of a dummy head and torso

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Head related transfer functions (HRTF) are used in 3D auralization to synthesize binaural sound from a monaural source. In our paper, we present a Fast Multipole Boundary Element (FMBEM) method used to simulate the pressure field scattered from a dummy head and torso mesh illuminated by incident wave fields from different directions. The FMBEM implementation is based on the diagonal form of the acoustic Green's function's multipole expansion. This method is optimal for high frequencies, and reduces to a conventional BEM in the lower frequency range. For the case of scattering problems with complex sources, often several excitations need to be modeled which is computational demanding. In the paper we present an SVD based reduction method to reduce the number of independent RHS vectors and to adjust the tolerances for optimal performance. The modeled HRTFs are validated by comparison to conventional BEM results in the lower frequency range and to measurement data in the range up to 10 kHz.
Book: Proceedings of the ISMA2010 International Conference on Noise and Vibration Engineering
Pages: 2301 - 2316
Publication year:2010