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Fashionably late? Time, work and the industrious revolution in early modern Antwerp (1585-1795)

Journal Contribution - Journal Article

Drawing evidence from the proceedings of the Antwerp hoogere Vierschaer (the local criminal court), the article challenges some key features from Jan de Vries’ hypothesis of the Industrious Revolution. Mesmerised by an endless variety of fashionable and exotic consumer goods, eighteenth-century people would have slashed their leisure time in a variety of ways. Labour input would have been forced up on a daily, weekly and annual base. However, time-budget analysis of Antwerp labour rhythms evidences a much more complex picture, which does not really hint at an industrious revolution but rather reveals invariable industriousness.
Journal: Continuity and Change
ISSN: 0268-4160
Volume: 35
Pages: 255 - 279
Publication year:2020